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Sort of trying to make it a habit to post an entry a day. Not sure how well that'll go, but why not?

Uhm… Topic of the day would probably be my dad. My mom and I had a rather long conversation today about him. I think she tries to lighten the situation with him a bit, I don't think she likes the idea of me hating him. But I'm older now, and I see things in a different perspective. I can understand now that he treats people like shit, but expects respect in return. He's inconsiderate of others and a user and a thief. He's not afraid to steal from his own grandparents for personal gain, when the things he stole meant so much to them. He alienated and abused his son, he pressures his youngest daughter, and shows no pride unless it's hypocritical in me. He doesn't know how to relate to me in the least, and it was so awkward the last time I saw him.

That's another thing.

He had come down the weekend of my birthday, and part of me thought that was the reason he came. But no, I found out he was here because there was a motorcycle for sale and he wanted to snag it. He's a fool, really. He thinks he can make a living off of selling bikes up in hilly billy hell instead of getting a real job, which in the ends screws me over in so many ways. He's supposed to provide me with health insurance, but now I have nothing. He's supposed to help pay for the college tuition, but he's not doing that either. My mom can not seem to grasp the idea of me not wanting ANYTHING to do with him, but I just… I don't. I don't care about him. I don't want anything to do with him in the least. I even told her today that if something were to happen to him, I don't want to be the one to make any medical decisions. I could care less about who makes funeral arrangements.

I know, I'm 'young and don't know what I'm talking about'. But he's an ass, and quiet frankly, I don't think he deserves a minute of my time…

Also, I am going to smell like mulch for the next week BC


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